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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Patients can be discharged on the same day after penis implantation.


Health Guide

What are the Types of Penis Implants?


Inflatable Implant:

Inflatable implants, the most widely used type of penis implant, are inflatable and at other times deflated to create an erection in the penis. Three-piece inflatable implants consist of a fluid-filled reservoir, a pump and a valve inserted into the scrotum, and two pieces of inflatable cylinders.

Semi-Rigid Implant:

Semi-rigid implant operation is an easier operation, but less preferred. The reason for this is that the semi-rigid implant is always somewhat rigid, as the name suggests.

How is Penis Implant Operation Performed?

The Penis Implant involves a short surgical procedure. Therefore, whether you want to undergo this operation can be a determining factor in whether a penis implant is right for you. The penis implant operation is performed by inserting an inflatable or semi-rigid implant into the penis using an incision. This implant helps the man achieve an erection and regain sexual function.

Who Can Get Penis Implant Treatment?

All men with erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by any medical problem can receive penis implant treatment.

How Long Does Penis Implant Surgery Take?

Penis implant surgery usually takes less than an hour and the patient can be discharged the same day.

Is Penis Implant Surgery Safe?

As with any implant operation, the main concern is to prevent infection, but penis implant surgery has a very low infection rate. Penis implant surgery is very safe because special antibiotics and special surgical techniques are used that greatly reduce the risk of post-operative infection.

Is Penis Implant Surgery Painful?

After penis implant surgery, mild to moderate pain is expected for a few days, but symptoms will go away after a week or two.

What is the Recovery Period After Penis Implant?

Patients can be discharged on the same day after penis implantation. They will need to take pain medication for a while to relieve pain and antibiotics to prevent infection. It will give information about how long you should wait to start physical activity, work and sports, according to the result of the operation. Instructions for use of the penis implant will also be provided regarding the application exercises, which include inflating and deflating the implant daily.

Your doctor may also ask you to take the following precautions:

Waiting 4-6 weeks after surgery before resuming sexual activity
Holding the penis against the belly button to prevent it from curling down

Does Penis Implant Increase Penis Length?

A penis implant does not increase the natural length of the penis. In most cases, an erect penis with a penis implant may be slightly shorter than it was before surgery.

How Many Years Can a Penis Implant Be Used?

In most men, penis implants have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.

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