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Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation, which is preferred by people who are uncomfortable with their appearance and feel a lack of self-confidence, is a common procedure in our country and in the world.


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The answer to the question of what is hair transplantation is the surgical procedure performed to restore the thinned or shed hair to its former appearance with different techniques. Hair transplantation, which is preferred by people who are uncomfortable with their external appearance and feel a lack of self-confidence, regardless of age range, is a common procedure in our country and in the world.

Hair that has been shed due to reasons such as any disease, accident, age or genetics can be restored to a lively appearance thanks to this process. During the procedure, the graft taken from the nape of the back of the person's head (the fertile tissue with nerve and vascular connections, desired for hair transplantation) is transferred to a different area. The reason why the graft is taken from the nape is that this area has a structure that is resistant to hair loss.

How is hair transplantation done?

Hair transplantation, which is performed under local anesthesia, is an operation that does not require sleep. In the first stage, grafts are taken from the relevant area and hair transplantation is started. Generally, the nape is preferred. A bandage is attached to this area overnight. There are small holes in the front part and the hair transplant area. No leakage occurs on the next day of hair transplantation from these holes, which cause leakage in the planted area. Some people may experience swelling after the procedure. However, the drugs given and the measures to be taken are meticulously carried out in order for the patient to achieve the desired appearance in a minimum time after the operation.

Our patients can go home and rest within a few hours after the procedure. In the first week after the transplantation process, a crusty tissue forms in the area, and this formation can be eliminated by washing the hair regularly. The crusty texture is not a condition that will disturb the person. Hair transplantation is an operation in which the person can return to his social life within 2-7 days, depending on the quantity of the application.

Techniques applied in hair transplantation

Today, with the developing technology, it has become possible to achieve very successful results in male pattern hair loss.

Hair Transplantation with Fue Technique

In hair transplantation, where the technique called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used, the hair taken from the donor area is transferred one by one. No stitches or cut marks are formed during the procedure. Recovery is pretty fast. Specially prepared metal tips are used in the application.

Hair Transplantation with DHI (Choi Pen) Technique

Hair transplantation with the DHI (Choi Pen) technique is the practice of transferring the hair taken from the donor area to the appropriate area with special needles and a special pen called Choi.

How long does hair transplantation take?

The duration of hair transplantation differs according to the transplantation area. Another question asked by people looking for an answer to the question of what is hair transplantation, especially by doing detailed research in this area, is the length of the procedure. The estimated time is on average 4–6 hours. After the procedure, the patient can return home to rest.

Can hair transplantation be performed at any age?

Hair transplantation mainly covers the age group of 18-60. However, the type of shedding is more important than the age range for hair transplantation. If the person has experienced a type of hair loss in which the scalp can be seen with the naked eye, it can be mentioned that there is a 50% shedding rate. In hair loss, age is only taken into account in a situation related to the continuity of the shedding. Especially baldness associated with burns, the formation of bare areas in the eyebrow area, and patients who were not satisfied with this procedure before, people who lost their hair due to illness, and women who had male pattern hair problems can also benefit from this application.

Can hair transplant be done in women?

Women should consult with a specialist dermatologist before complaining about hair transplantation. If the diagnosis of "Male-type hair loss" is diagnosed after the tests, hair transplantation can be performed.

Who should do hair transplantation?

The person who will perform the hair transplant operation should have sufficient experience in this field. In particular, the support of an experienced dermatologist is required for the hair transplant donor area not to suffer any damage and for hair density.

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  • Initial Examination
  • Preoperative Tests
  • Maximum Grafts
  • Hair Transplant with FUE/DHI Technique
  • Local Anesthesia during Operation
  • 1 session PRP
  • 3-night Accommodation in a 4*/5* Hotel
  • Medications to be used after operation
  • Neck Pillow
  • Hair Care Set (Shampoo, Lotion)
  • Airport Transfers



The Green Park Hotel

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Maximum Grafts 1200
Hair Transplant with FUE/DHI Technique 0
Local Anesthesia during Operation 0
1 session PRP 0
3-night Accommodation in a 4*/5* Hotel 0
Medications to be used after operation 0
Neck Pillow 0
Hair Care Set (Shampoo, Lotion) 0
Airport Transfers 50
Green Park Otel 300
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Hair Transplantation
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