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30 April 2022
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Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation

Essi Clinic is one of Turkey's leading service institutions in hair transplantation, which concludes hair transplantation operations with outstanding success with its experienced professional staff, gaining the reliability of its clients with high-level hygiene standards.


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What is FUE hair transplant?

FUE hair transplantation (follicular unit extraction) is an up-to-date technique used to permanently solve hair loss and hair loss (baldness) problems worldwide. FUE hair transplantation, which is a three-stage procedure, is based on the principle of transplanting hair follicles (grafts) collected from the hairy area on the bald areas where thinning is seen. Thanks to FUE hair transplantation, people who experience hair loss only spare 7-8 hours and have natural, healthy and lush hair consisting of their own hair follicles that they can use for a lifetime. FUE hair transplantation, which is among the most preferred aesthetic applications of men today; It enables women as well as men to have healthy hair that looks as natural as their own hair in a safe, painless, fast and comfortable way.

FUE hair transplantation, which has been safely applied all over the world since 2004; Sapphire FUE hair transplantation can also be applied in combination with other methods that increase comfort and patient satisfaction, such as unshaven hair transplantation and sedated hair transplantation.

How is FUE hair transplant applied?

The doctor meticulously examines the head, hair and facial structure of the person to be transplanted. By making millimetric measurements, it determines the hairline and how many hair follicles are needed in which area to get the desired results. Determining the hairline correctly is of great importance in terms of the naturalness of the transplanted hair, which cannot be distinguished from one's own hair. FUE hair transplantation, which consists of three stages: collecting hair follicles from the donor area (nape area), opening channels to the bald area and transplanting the collected follicles into these channels, is performed by a doctor who is an expert in the field of hair transplantation and a professionally trained and experienced team in a synchronized team work. needs to be performed.

Collection of hair follicles

After consultation and planning, the hair is shaved and the person is prepared for the hair transplant procedure. The donor area where the hair follicles will be collected is disinfected and anesthetized with local anesthesia. The reason why the hair follicles are collected from the nape area is that the roots in this area have a very strong structure and never fall out. This ensures that the results of the FUE hair transplant procedure are permanent. The healthiest and most suitable roots are collected from the donor area with very fine-tipped micromotors. The collection of the roots from the canal (follicle), in which they are located, in accordance with the exit angle and without damage, plays a major role in increasing the success rate of the hair transplant process. At this stage, the doctor's expertise and dexterity come into play. Healthy hair follicles from the donor area, in accordance with the direction of their exit; It is extracted without breaking, damaging and damaging the roots on the sides. If the donor area is suitable, 2000-2500 roots can be collected in one session. Each hair follicle contains about 2.7 hairs. This means that approximately 6 thousand strands of hair are transplanted in one hair transplant operation. While the team meticulously collects the hair follicles, they quickly clean them and deposit them in a special solution.

Opening channels in the area to be planted

In the second stage of the FUE hair transplantation technique, the area where the transplantation will be performed, that is, the channels will be opened, is sterilized and anesthetized with local anesthesia. The doctor opens very small microchannels in the area where the hair transplantation will be performed with steel slits (openers) in the form of pencils, in the number he determined and at an angle appropriate to the natural growth direction of the hairs. These invisible canals heal a few days after sowing; after a maximum of ten days, there is no trace of the procedure.

Planting the collected roots into the opened channels

The hair follicles collected in FUE hair transplantation are planted one by one, in accordance with the natural growth direction of the opened channels and the hair in that area, with the meticulousness of a jeweler. In this process, which requires a lot of attention, the team's synchronized work and dexterity are of great importance.

In FUE hair transplantation, all these procedures are completed on the same day, within 7-8 hours. On the day of the hair transplant, if the person does not have an aesthetic concern, they can easily return to their social life.

When does the hair grow and get the desired appearance in FUE hair transplantation?

The duration of the targeted results in hair transplantation; it varies depending on your hair and skin structure, your age and the rate of shedding in your hair. The transplanted hair starts to show itself in about three months. In 6-7 months, 70% of the hair grows. Although the hair changes from person to person, it takes its final shape as planned in about a year. The application of supportive hair treatments after hair transplantation accelerates this process.

What should be considered after FUE hair transplantation?

After the FUE hair transplantation application, there is a very slight swelling and redness in the transplantation area; It goes away on its own within a few days. In the planting area, there are crusts as small as a pinhead for a week. This situation, which seems vague, does not prevent the person from returning to his work and social life. After the application, the person can easily return to his social life on the same day. It is necessary not to enter the sea, pool and solarium for only two weeks, not to be exposed to intense sunlight and to avoid heavy sports.

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  • Robert Jones
    21 February 2024

    The hotel and transportation were nice, I didn't have a hitch. I did not encounter any problems during the hair transplantation process. Overall their service was good.



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On the day of hair transplantation, HIV, hepatitis b and c blood tests are performed and processed in the clinic.

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On the day of hair washing, the patient checks out from the hotel, has a hair wash at the clinic and is transferred to the airport.

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