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Health tourism is a visit from one's own country to another country for the purposes of treatment, relaxation and rehabilitation.

For What Purpose Is Health Tourism Used?

Health tourism is a visit from one's own country to another country for the purposes of treatment, relaxation and rehabilitation.

Health tourism is one of the most preferred tourism branches in many countries, especially in Turkey. Sometimes the country in which we live is not enough to meet the health-related needs. In this case, what needs to be done is to carry out health tourism to countries with more developed health conditions and systems. At this point, it is health tourism for people to visit and stay in healing water, spa and thermal facilities. However, the main subject of health tourism is that people in need apply to a health institution in a country where they live or in another country for treatment and receive treatment in this health institution.

What is Health Tourism?

The question of what is health tourism has made health tourism one of the main tourism branches that many people want to apply, and the answer to which is sought more in recent years. When tourism is mentioned, holiday and cultural tours come to mind first, but of course, tourism is not limited to these. Because there is another type of tourism that has made our country much more preferred in recent years and shows rising trends: Health Tourism! Health tourism is a person's visit to another country, especially from his/her own country, for the purposes of treatment, relaxation and rehabilitation. People who travel for health are also called "health tourists" in general. Today, health tourism continues its rapid course with increasing developments and trends all over the world.

Reasons for Preferring Health Tourism

Health tourism is preferred for many reasons, and people may have very serious reasons. Many people may think, “How can you go from one country to another just for treatment”? At this point, it is also important that very serious services such as eye, dental, infertility, aesthetic surgery, in vitro fertilization, cardiovascular diseases and treatments and the application of various orthopedic prostheses can be preferred. In addition to these, health tourism is highly preferred for alternative medicine diagnosis and treatment.

Other special reasons for preferring health tourism are:

  • Lack of high-tech healthcare facilities in the country of residence,
    Absence and/or scarcity of professional health services,
    The need to wait for a long time to receive health care,
    Health services are expensive in the country of residence, and these services are offered at much more affordable prices in other countries,
    Desire to receive better quality health services,
    It may not be desirable to know the operation to be performed in their own country,
    Having health insurance causes problems in the country of residence,
    The necessity of being treated in more suitable environments for the elderly, disabled and people with chronic diseases,
    Demanding treatment in more suitable environments, especially for drugs and various addictions,
    Desiring to take a vacation in addition to the treatment,
    Desiring to benefit from hot springs and thermal springs in countries where thermal facility tourism is developed,
    Desiring to benefit from the geographical and climatic conditions of a different country.

In order to benefit from health tourism; one of the most important reasons is that the opportunities in the preferred countries are much wider, developed and economical.

Turkey Health Tourism

In terms of health tourism, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the world and is one of the countries that many people benefit from. Turkey has a very serious share, place and position in the world health tourism market due to important reasons such as the high level of development in the field of medicine, the affordability of all treatment and health services, and the prevalence of alternative health services.

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